Is Breedpost the best breeder website builder for you?

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27 March 2020

Is Breedpost the best breeder website builder for you?

Breedpost is a website builder and content management system for dog breeders and show dog exhibitors.

We market to registered dog breeders and show dog exhibitors. Why?

We are ex show dog exhibitors and breeders and we wanted to provide a cost effective but professional solution for building your websites.

We understand that ethical dog breeding and attending conformation dog shows is not only time consuming but expensive.

We also understand that building a professional functional website that’s easy to update is not only time consuming but very difficult for most people.

So we’ve built a website builder that’s not only easy to update but has features that are unique for dog breeders and show dog exhibitors. These include

Who is the Breedpost website builder solution best for?

We’ve established that Breedpost is specifically for dog breeders and show dog exhibitors.

Cat breeders and horse breeders can also use Breedpost. In fact we currently have a client who has built websites for his cats and for his horses.

But what type of person is Breedpost best for?

Breedpost suits all types of people with varying website design, technical and administration abilities.

Unfortunately many breeder websites have 

To keep your website professional and user-friendly we have maintained an approach that

  • ensures your website looks professional and is easy-to-use by separating design from content
  • limits main navigation items so it’s easy and quick for visitors to find what they’re looking for
  • a database system that uses templates for ease of updating and consistency in the website design

Breedpost is best for people who would like to publish and manage a website that’s

  • easy to manage and update including publishing pedigrees, blog posts, litter announcements and show results
  • professional in design on all devices - phones, tablets and desktop computers
  • best for improving your search engine optimization from technical and content perspectives

Get started with Breedpost

Get us to build your website or transfer your current website!

How to build your dog breeder website?

You have three options on how to build and manage your site

  • build and update the website yourself
  • we will build your website and you update it
  • we will build your website and we will manage and update it for you

Building a site yourself with our website builder

We have clients who have built their websites from start to finish.

These are the types of people who like working things out for themselves.

They are often the people who have feature requests or valuable feedback.

Now I’ve worked with and supported many content managers over the years in previous employment.

And some people love going full steam ahead and having a go at software.

These people are not frightened of making mistakes and don’t mind spending the time to learn a new system.

The more they use the software, the easier it is for them to remember how to make things work.

Breedpost isn’t difficult to use.

Basically you create pages, fill out fields and upload images.

We had one client who signed up, spent time building their site and then they had a fully functional website ready to launch in under a day.

They had created dog pages with pedigrees, blog posts, about pages and more.

Now I’m not saying everyone should be like this. Because they’re not.

That’s why we offer a free website build to evaluate Breedpost for those people who don’t have time, the inclination or the patience. 

We will build your website for you and teach you how to update it

Building a Breedpost website is not difficult although you may prefer us to spend the time to do it.

The time spent building a website will depend on

  • being prepared with photos, pedigrees and information
  • the amount of dog pages and pedigrees
  • your engagement with the Breedpost admininstration area

That’s why we offer a free website build to save you time and to make it easy for you to start updating your site.

 Once your site is built, it’s easy to

  • publish a blog post, litter pages and dog pages
  • edit your existing pages
  • publish show results

So once we’ve built your website we’re happy to support you to update and manage your site.

An example of a homepage banner on a Breedpost website for breeders

We will build your website and manage and update it for you

We manage some websites for dog breeders entirely.

That means we have built their websites from start-to-finish and we update their site for them.

Now, I know these clients have the ability to update their own sites. It’s very easy.

But what they do have in common is that they’re heavy social media contributors and users.

So I think they spend their online promotion and marketing time using social media and prefer to leave website management to us.

If they can post on social media then they can certainly update their Breedpost website.

Because updating your site with Breedpost is quick and easy, we are more than happy to do it for you.

What are the pros and cons of a Breedpost website?

With any website builder or software for that matter, there will always be pros and cons.

We believe that Breedpost works well for most breeders.

We provide

  • professional templates
  • system that makes it easy to update and manage your site
  • features specific to breeders such as the pedigree generator and show results system

But for some, it may not be the best solution for them.

Some breeders may want more creative control over the website.

Now I recommend that unless you’re a professional web or graphic designer, then you shouldn’t be making design decisions.

I have seen some very poor dog, cat and horse breeder websites that

  • have cumbersome and unusable main menus making navigation near impossible
  • colors and fonts that make it very difficult to read the content
  • layout and structures which are poorly done and not mobile friendly

What are the pros of a Breedpost website?

1.You have access to modern and professional templates

We are always building new templates to keep up with design trends.

Your website will never be outdated because you can change your template at any time and your website will still look great.

2. You have access to tools specifically for breeder websites

We have developed pedigree software inside Breedpost that automatically displays beautifully formatted pedigrees on your website.

This means you don’t have to recreate pedigrees for the same lineages as they will populate automatically.

You can also be confident that your pedigrees are responsive and will display well on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

3. You receive an all-in-one solution

We provide a solution that includes everything you need to host, manage and publish your website.

The only thing you need to do is register your own domain. This means you will always have control over your own domain name.

4. Breedpost takes care of your website’s security

We provide SSL security which helps your search engine ranking and improves your visitors’ trust.

5. You can switch templates at any time

If you feel like redesigning your website all you need to is login to Breedpost and select another design.

Your pages, images and information will display in the new design and still look great.

This is so you can keep up-to-date with design trends or if you feel like your website needs a refresh.

6. Breedpost is a content management system

Because Breedpost is a content management system we can easily add specific features relevant to breeder websites.

Breedpost is not restricted to one type of website. For example a blogging site or an eCommerce website.

We have developed Breedpost to include different functionalities, such as the pedigree generator, the blogging platform, litter announcements and a complete show results system.

7. You can scale your website to any size

Breedpost has one plan and your website can easily scale to any size.

You could have thousands of web pages and images if you wanted to without comprimising your website’s usability.

8. Breedpost has built-in search engine optimization tools

We have worked hard to provide in-built search engine optimization tools such as

  • website optimization
  • load speed time
  • mobile first design

And we provide you with your own tools to help improve your search engine optimization

  • SEO titles and descriptions
  • contextual URL structures
  • blogging platform for creating useful content for your visitors

9. There is always personal support available

We provide personalized support that suits your specific needs.

All of your support is included in our pricing plan. You’ll never pay extra for support.

A Dalmatian with a mobile phone displaying a pedigree

What are the cons of a Breedpost website?

1. You don’t have as much design control as traditional website builders

Some people prefer lots of design control over their website.

As I’ve previously mentioned, this is not recommended for those who are not designers.

Nevertheless, people who like more control may prefer other website builders that have more custom options.

2. You may be used to a drag-and-drop editor

Creating and updating pages in Breedpost is the same as filling out an online form.

This is the easiest way to update your website. It’s a template based system so each page is automatically formatted to look great when published.

Alternatively, drag and drop editors provide you with more flexibility on each of your pages. 

Because other website builders use drag and drop editors, it may be difficult for some people to get used to not having this flexibility.

3. You may prefer a free solution

We get that most breeders are hobby based and not making money from their animals.

A free solution may be the best available option.

The easiest way to create and update your breeder website

Let us help you with a website build or transfer! Great for those busy people who don't have time to upgrade their current site or don't have a website at all.

Breedpost is a very good solution for most dog, cat and horse breeders

Breedpost is great for breeders who

  • want a professional website
  • a solution that is quick and easy to update
  • built-in features specially designed for breeders such as the pedigree generator, litter announcements and show results system

We are always adding new features requested by our customers. These benefit everyone using the system so feature upgrades will help you to improve your website.

Overall, our goal is to provide an all-in-one solution for dog, cat and horse breeders and to help them create the best website possible.

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.