How the Breedpost dog breeder website builder works

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2 August 2018

How the Breedpost dog breeder website builder works

A website builder is software that allows you to build a website without editing code.

A Content Management System (CMS) specialises in different types of content.

A website builder is best for simple websites. They typically

  • use a drag and drop editor
  • provide many beautiful template options
  • include web hosting

A CMS is great for larger websites that need more functionality than a website builder can provide. They typically

  • use a form editor
  • are flexible to your website content requirements
  • do not include web hosting

Examples of popular website builders are Squarespace, Wix and Weebly.

Examples of popular CMS platforms are Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla.

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Is Breedpost a website builder or CMS?

Technically, Breedpost is a CMS that has been customised for dog breeders and show dog exhibitors.

Although, we usually refer to Breedpost as a dog breeder website builder.

Why? It describes the system in a way that everyone understands.

And we also provide the following services that are typical of website builders that are not normally available from a CMS.

What do dog breeders need from a website builder?

Dog breeders and show dog exhibitors have specific requirements for their websites.

It’s the same for any other industry. For example, online stores need a payment system, hotels, a booking system and blogs, a blogging platform.

What specific requirements do dog breeders need from a website builder?

These functions are unique to dog breeders and show dog exhibitors.

We’ve built these into our dog breeder website builder to make it easy for anyone to publish

  • pedigrees
  • show results
  • litter announcements

What other features do we provide in our dog breeder website builder?

The Breedpost pedigree generator publishes beautiful website pedigrees like this screenshot

How does the pedigree generator work?

The pedigree generatorpedigree generator makes it easy to publish pedigrees on your website that look great on desktops, tablets and phones.

The generator uses child/parent relationships to display beautiful online pedigrees.

In the admin area, all you need to do is add a mother and father to a dog.

If the mother or father hasn't been set up yet, you can then create them.

But, and this is important, you only ever need to create a dog once! Ever.

Therefore you can use that dog again and again in different pedigrees.

That dog’s lineage will also display wherever you apply that dog as a mother or father.

For example, let’s say you’ve published a dog on your website and its full pedigree. Great!

Now you’re going to mate that dog and want to publish a litter announcement.

When you create the litter pedigree, all you need to do is add her as the mother.

Then the dam’s side of the pedigree will automatically display on the litter announcement. All of it - the full dam’s pedigree published, with just one click!

And you never have to worry about formatting a pedigree again on your website. That’s all been done for you!

A screenshot of a show results list on a dog profile page

A results system to make it easy to publish your dog show results

It’s a struggle to publish show results on websites.

It’s time consuming having to type each of them out and then publish them.

That’s why I often see websites where show results are not up-to-date.

And when they are, there’s long lists of results which are hard to read.

I think publishing your dog show results on your website is important.

It improves your online credibility because you’re dogs are independently evaluated week after week.

Using our show results system, we’ve made sure that you only ever need to add the following once.

  • clubs
  • shows
  • judges

Once you’ve created a club, all you need to do is add shows (essentially dates and judges) to that club.

When you publish a show result, all you need to do is add a dog or dogs to that show, add judges to each award and critiques.

The result is automatically published on each of the dogs’ pages.

And each result has its own individual page where you can publish a gallery of images from that show day.

Why is this better than typing out each result on every dog page?

  • you only need to enter the show and judges information once for multiple dogs
  • you don’t need to do any formatting on the dog’s web page
  • you can keep a detailed record of your show results in the administration area
An example show result page on a Breedpost website for dog breeders

Publish litter announcements and keep an archive of past litters easily

The litters’ section needs to be easy to navigate and provide comprehensive information about your litters for your visitors.

Of course, you can easily publish pedigrees on each litter page using the pedigree generator.

In addition to that, we’ve categorised each litter page into

  • future
  • current
  • past

This means that you can click a button and mark a litter page from future to current when the pups are born.

Then that litter page will move from the future litter menu to the current litter menu automatically.

Similarly, you can mark a current litter to a past litter and it will move to the correct menu item. You don’t need to do anything else!

Most Breedpost page types include an image gallery. This means that you can publish a gallery on a blog post, dog page, a show result page and more.

But you can publish multiple galleries on litter pages.

This means that you can organise galleries on your page into time periods. For example

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3

Or you may prefer to organise them by pup or both.

Or maybe you have another great way of organising the litter galleries. It’s up to you.

A gorgeous blog listing page especially for dog breeders

A blog is a must for any dog breeder website

Breedpost provides a fully integrated blogging platform to publish articles

Why? I believe that dog breeders should blog to

  • promote purebred dogs and to be breed advocates
  • provide expert advice and education about their dogs and their breeds
  • sell purebred registered puppies and provide stud services to other registered breeders

Our blogging platform enables you to publish and organise hundreds of pages. There’s no limit and the more the better!

How is our blogging platform customised to integrate with our dog breeder website builder?

The blogging platform enables you to create your own customised categories.

A new page is created for each category making it easy for visitors to find what they’re interested in, quickly and easily.

For example, you could create categories for

  • breed information
  • show results
  • litters and puppies

We’ve also made it easy to link to related

  • dogs
  • show results
  • litters
  • other articles

These related links appear at the end of each blog post.

This makes it easy for visitors to navigate to other pages that may interest them which relate to that post.

Breedpost admin dashboard made specifically for dog breeders

A customised administration area to provide you with detailed information

We developed our dog breeder website builder on top of a great (if not the best) CMS called Processwire.

This means that we could also design the administration area and customise it for dog breeders and show dog exhibitors.

Our goal was to make it

  • easy to use
  • easy to update and publish new pages
  • easy to find and view detailed information

You are able to view and filter

  • dog pedigrees
  • show results by dog
  • show results by judge

For example, you can check what awards a particular judge has given your dogs in the past.

You can also view and filter awards for each of your dogs.

You can also view all of the dogs pedigrees. This includes dogs that are not published on your website.

You could also create a fictional dog from a potential mating, do not publish it on your website and then view that potential pedigree in the administration area.

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Should you use Breedpost, a website builder or a CMS?

Breedpost is a dog breeder website builder and a CMS combined.

It’s about what works best for you and the goals of your website.

A customised dog breeder website builder should make it easy for website owners to publish pedigrees, litters and show results.

This table broadly compares the functionality of Breedpost, website builders and CMSs.

Website builder
Selection of web templates 
Web hosting 
Software updates 
Feature requests 

Dog breeders and show dog exhibitors need a customised solution that 

  • is easy to publish and edit web pages so their website is up-to-date and full of comprehensive information
  • delivers a user-friendly website with easily accessible information
  • not cost prohibitive as ethical registered dog breeders do not make money from breeding

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.