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Helping breeders create better websites

Building a professional website is hard. We've done all the hard work for you with our web content management system built especially for breeders.

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Build the ultimate Breeder website

Breedpost is much more than a website builder.

Animal Database

Publish multiple breeds or species on your website. For example, you could have Pugs, Border Collies and Persian Cats.

Every animal that has been involved in your breeding program is recorded in the database.

Each animal has their own record and you decide whether to publish them on your website or not.

How it's better

Unlike other website builders you don't need to recreate the same information over and over again.

Breedpost admin listing animals and an individual animal page

Pedigree Generator

Simply add parents to an animal's record to start generating pedigrees.

You will NEVER have to recreate the same pedigree or lines again.

Publish 3 or 4 generation pedigrees on your website that look great on phones, tablets and desktops.

How it's better

Any changes made to an individual, eg a new title, will automatically update in all pedigrees where they feature on your site. You can view and print pedigrees for all animals in your database whether they are published on your website or not.

Breedpost admin showing a pedigree and an animals individual web page with pedigree

Breeding Announcements

Add parents to a breeding announcement to automatically generate a pedigree.

Publish multiple image galleries and videos of your current breedings.

Keep an archive of past breedings, their pedigrees, image galleries and videos.

How it's better

With the click of a button, you can easily change your breeding status from future to current and to past. Keep a detailed record of past breedings on your website for your visitors to enjoy.

Breedpost admin showing a litter page and a litter web page with pedigree

Blogging platform

Create custom categories to make it easy for visitors to find articles that interest them.

Create simple blog posts with text and an image gallery or create sectional blog posts for longer articles.

Tag related articles, animals, breeding pages and show results.

How it's better

Tags display on individual animal pages so visitors can easily read more about them in your blog from the one place.

Breedpost admin showing a blog article listing and an article web page

Show Results

You'll never have to type the same club name or show ever again. Create a club, attach a show, add results and publish to your site.

Each result page displays judges, critiques and a photo album. Critiques are displayed on individual animal pages to promote their success

How it's better

The show results system does more than just publish results on your website. You can view results by judge, by show and by animal in Breedpost and keep a detailed record of your successes.

Breedpost admin showing a show results listing

You get all the tools to publish a professional website

Mobile friendly designs

Over 50% of people will visit your site on a phone. Keep them engaged with a fantastic mobile experience.

Change your design

Give your visitors a great user experience with a modern website. You can update your website design at anytime from our selection of new releases.

SEO optimized

Increase your search engine rankings by publishing regular content using the blogging platform. We have all the technical aspects covered.

SSL Certificate

Build trust with your online visitors and improve your search engine rankings with our built in SSL certificates.

Web hosting

Publish unlimited pages and images to engage your visitors and improve your search engine rankings.

Unlimited support

Suppport is always available and we're here to help you update and manage your website.