New Parent Building Block

21 December 2023

Feature Updates

New Parent Building Block

Introducing the New Parent Building Block

In December, we launched the Parent Building Block in response to our clients' feedback on Breedpost Version 2. This new feature offers breeders a versatile tool to showcase the parents in their breeding programs directly on the breeding pages. Unlike the traditional Breedings List block, this block allows for a more personalized presentation with customizable options like background selection, title, text, and a call-to-action button.

A standout feature of the Parent Building Block is its ability to display a parent's image and pedigree name even if they are not published on the website. This is particularly beneficial for breeders who prefer not to publish full pedigrees on their breeding pages. The block defaults to displaying 'Sire' and 'Dam' as headings, but these can be customized to fit different needs.

With this update, Breedpost continues to support breeders in creating engaging and informative websites that effectively communicate the quality of their breeding programs.

A screenshot of Breedpost Demo website puppy page incorporating the new parent building block