New List Block

1 February 2024

Feature Updates

New List Block

We are excited to introduce the New List Block feature in our Breedpost website builder, designed to help breeders easily create comprehensive and attractive shopping lists for their clients. This new block is particularly useful for those who include affiliate links to products from sites like Amazon, offering potential buyers curated recommendations for their new puppies.

Purpose and Benefits

Many of our clients have requested a more streamlined way to present shopping lists and recommendations to their website visitors. The New List Block addresses this need by providing a flexible and visually appealing way to share product recommendations, complete with affiliate links. This feature is perfect for creating a Shopping List page, giving buyers ideas about essential and optional purchases for their new puppies.

Features of the New List Block

  1. Title: The List Block starts with a prominent title, allowing you to clearly define the purpose or theme of the list.
  2. Content: Below the title, you can add a brief introduction or any relevant content to provide context or additional information about the list.
  3. CTA Button: A customizable Call-To-Action (CTA) button is included to drive engagement. You can link this button to a specific page, breeding page, profile page or article.

List Items

The core of the New List Block is the ability to add multiple list items, each with the following elements:

  1. Title: Each list item includes a title, which is automatically linked to the provided URL.
  2. Link: The link field allows you to add an affiliate link or any other URL, seamlessly connecting the title and image to this link.
  3. Description: A description field is available for each list item, enabling you to provide additional details about the product or recommendation.
  4. Image: An image can be added to each list item, enhancing the visual appeal and helping to attract attention. The image is also automatically linked to the provided URL.

These elements combine to create a user-friendly and effective way to present shopping recommendations, enhancing the value of your website for potential puppy buyers and helping you generate additional revenue through affiliate links.

An example of Breedpost's new List Block building block for shopping lists and more!

How to Use the New List Block

To add the New List Block to your site, simply navigate to the page where you want to include it, select the List Block from the building blocks menu, and start customizing. You can add as many list items as needed, ensuring your shopping list is comprehensive and informative.