Image and Text Building Block

15 June 2024

Feature Updates

Image and Text Building Block

Feature Update: Image and Text Building Block

1. Existing Options:

  • Image Position: You can position your images on the left or right side of the text, allowing you to create a balanced and visually appealing layout.
  • Image Width: Previously, you had options for full width or with padding. This provided a good level of customization for how your images are displayed alongside text.

2. New Addition: Small Image Width

  • Small Image Width: We’ve added a new option for image width—Small. This new option reduces the image size, giving you more control over the layout and allowing for a different visual emphasis. This is perfect for when you want the text to take center stage or for creating a more compact and neat presentation.

Benefits of the New Small Image Width:

  • Enhanced Layout Options: With the Small width option, you can create a variety of layouts that were not possible before. This helps in making your content more dynamic and engaging.
  • Focus on Content: By reducing the image size, you can draw more attention to your text, which is particularly useful for important announcements, detailed descriptions, or when showcasing multiple pieces of content in a single view.
  • Improved Aesthetics: A smaller image can contribute to a cleaner and more modern look, aligning with contemporary web design trends.

Conclusion: We’re confident that this new addition will provide you with greater flexibility and creativity in designing your website. Explore the new Small image width option in the Image and Text building block today and see how it can enhance your content presentation. As always, we appreciate your feedback and are here to support you in making the most of Breedpost.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements coming your way!