What categories should I create for my dog breeder blog?

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3 March 2018

What categories should I create for my dog breeder blog?

If you’re going to use the Breedpost blogging platform (and you should be) you should consider organising your posts into categories. You can create your own categories and attach your articles to one category or multiple categories.

Blog categories help your visitors browse and read your blog

Posts are not only available in date order in your blog, they are also listed on individual category pages.

This makes it easier for website visitors to navigate and browse your blog as they can narrow down the articles that interest them quickly and easily.

How are blog categories organised in Breedpost?

When you create a blog category your blog main navigation link will include a dropdown category link. Each article will display the category in the by-line which links to the respective listing page.

Who will be reading my blog and how this helps create categories?

Before creating your blog categories you should consider who will be reading your blog. You could segment those visitors into groups to give you an understanding of your website’s target market. This should help you categorise your blog posts and identify the type of blog posts you should be publishing. An example of your target market segments could be as follows.

  • potential puppy buyers
  • stud dog and/or potential show dog buyers
  • people researching breed information

You could then create the following categories

  • puppies
  • litters
  • show results
  • breed information

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Creating categories helps your website’s search engine optimisation

Your blog category pages URLs could be (assuming your blog section is named Blog)

  • kennelname.com/blog/litters
  • kennelname.com/blog/breed-information
  • kennelname.com/blog/agility

And then a post’s URL could be, say an upcoming litter announcement

  • kennelname.com/blog/litters/exciting-new-litter

This makes it easier for a search engine to spider your content as everything is linked and is forming part of your navigation and your site’s architecture.

Things to consider before creating your custom blog categories

Utilising the blog function means that you can create hundreds of interesting pages and visitors will be able to find them easily.

You don’t need too many categories, between 4 and 8 is probably best. This Breedpost Blog only has 3, but it’s quite easy to add another one in the future if needed.

Some things to think about when deciding what and how many categories to create.

  • What type of articles are you going to publish?
  • Who is your website’s audience?
  • How often are you going to publish articles?

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