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Spike - a new breeder website template

Spike is a new template to use with our website builder for cat, horse and dog breeders

We are excited to launch a new website template for dog, cat and horse breeders.

Spike is an elegant design with a centered navigation and a traditional blog layout.

We have completed seven variations of Spike with three more in the works.

Spike would be perfect for most breeders, especially those who utilise the blog

The classic blog layout, typical of Wordpress will suit many people.

The dog pages use two columns to display the main information on a desktop computer which somewhat reduces scrolling.

Now that we have access to multiple breed images, we are now designing the variations with different dogs and dog colors in mind.

Given that, you can change your design in the Breedpost admin at any time to determine which variation looks best with your dogs and photos.

Check out what types of dogs would look great with the different designs.

Spike 01 - would look great with red and orange dogs

This is a classic design that uses a beautiful serif font for the headings.

It has a gorgeous cream global background and sans-serif font for the body text.

View the full Spike 01 demo.

Spike 02 - a classy solution for any dogs

Spike 02 is a fun design that uses two accent colors, a deep orange and blue.

The headings use a sans-serif font and are all in capitals to give it a bold feel.

View the full Spike 02 demo.

Spike 03 - a whimsical design that look great with blue, grey and white dogs

We designed this variation with Chinese Cresteds in mind. 

Colors are a dusky pink and mauves.

In keeping with the whimsical look we have chosen sans-serif rounded fonts that are perfect for these beautiful toy dogs.

View the full Spike 03 demo.

Spike 04 - designed specifically for red dogs

Spike 04 is another elegant variation that uses serif fonts for the headings.

The beautiful greens contrast with the red dogs.

View the full Spike 04 demo.

Spike 05 - a feminine design with whimsical fonts

Spike 05 uses a handwritten font for headings to give the design a relaxed and casual feel.

It uses olive ones with a purple accent color, perfect for any color dog.

View the full Spike 05 demo.

Spike 06 - perfect for black and tan and red dogs and those wanting a dark design

A dark website design that uses deep greens and an orange/brown for accent colors.

Using bold colors and fonts makes it perfect for big muscular dogs.

View the full Spike 06 demo.

Spike 07 - designed for white, grey and sable dogs

Spike 07’s main background color is a gorgeous bright blue perfect for white, grey and sable dogs.

The black accentuates the dog photos in the listing pages and the headings in the banners.

View the full Spike 07 demo.

A gorgeous template for dog breeders to use with our website builder

You can view all of our website designs  on our website.

Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.


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