How Breedpost enhances your show dog web design

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26 April 2018

How Breedpost enhances your show dog web design

Conformation dog showing is fun but it’s also time consuming. It’s not only time consuming attending dog shows but for those who haven’t done it , they may not realise how much more effort there is behind the scenes.

So you put in all that effort and time to have your dogs independently evaluated, then why not promote these achievements on your website?

Breedpost was specifically made for show dogs by designing a platform for exhibitors to publish and blog about show results.

This article outlines how Breedpost makes it easy to improve your show dog web design and in turn the online promotion of your show dogs.

Easy to publish show results

When you publish a show result, a separate web page is automatically created which displays that result’s information. These show result pages include

  • show and date
  • dog’s name with a link back to their individual page
  • judges
  • awards
  • photos

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How does this make your show dog web design better?

Show results list on each dog page with a link to the show result.

So now, website visitors can scroll through your dog’s show results and click on one that interests them. It could be a big specialty or a best in show. Then on that dedicated show result page they can view

  • which judges gave the dog which awards
  • a photo gallery from that show
  • judges critique

This will increase your website visitor engagement because you’re providing them with comprehensive and detailed information about your show dogs. And that’s what they are - they’re show dogs. So publish their show results.

How do website visitors find my dogs’ critiques?

Maybe you’ve published 100 show results for Bob the show dog. That’s 100 pages of individual show results for Bob.

Given that you don’t receive critiques from every show, a website visitor would need to visit EVERY result page to find Bob’s critiques. So we've made it easy by displaying all of a dogs critiques on their own page. 

Each critique links to its corresponding show result page, so visitors can check out more if they want to.

This makes it easy for visitors to view Bob’s critiques in the one place, providing more value to your visitors and increasing engagement on your website.

An example show results page on a Breedpost website template

Use the blogging platform to blog about your dog show adventures

The Breedpost blogging platform provides you with a comprehensive tool to publish great content on your blog.

You can create custom categories for your content, segmenting your posts, making it easier for visitors to browse your blog.

So why not create a show results category and blog about your dog show adventures?

Breedpost also creates a related section under each blog post. So if you’ve mentioned a particular dog, select that dog in the related section and a link to that dog’s page will display at the end of that blog post.

Similarly, you can add related show results to each blog post. A link or links will create automatically at the end of the blog post which links directly to the show result pages.

This gives your website visitors the opportunity click on more information about your blog post and thus provides them with more content value. Also links to other internal pages in your website should improve your search engine rankings.

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Publish your dog show photos everywhere

With Breedpost you have an easy-to-use image uploaded that outputs beautiful photo galleries on most pages of your website.

To improve your show dog website, you could upload your dog show photos on

  • each show result page
  • blog posts
  • individual dog pages

You can also create many photos albums in the dedicated gallery section. You could dedicate one to show photos of your dogs.

Some good show photos could be

  • a dog on the stack
  • a dog on the move
  • a dog in a line up

Breedpost makes it’s easy to improve your show dog web design

When we were developing Breedpost, our focus was conformation show dogs. We wanted to provide an easy-to-use system for exhibitors and breeders to publish their results on websites that look great to provide their visitors with a fantastic online experience by

  • providing a comprehensive show results system
  • integrating the blogging platform by applying related show results
  • enabling photo galleries on dog pages, show result pages and blog posts

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.