New features: sorting dogs, cats and horses, displaying progeny and pedigree customization

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25 March 2020

New features: sorting dogs, cats and horses, displaying progeny and pedigree customization

We are excited to announce that we have added three great new features to our website builder.

Recently we received feedback about 

  • sorting dogs into different categories under the breed section
  • publishing progeny on individual dog pages
  • ability to remove photos and coat types from pedigrees

We are very pleased to receive feedback from customers or potential customers because it 

Over the last few months we have launched the following new features

  • video embedding
  • sectional blog posts
  • images in pedigrees
  • award and health certificates on dog pages
  • testimonials and reviews add-on
  • frequently asked questions add-on
  • announcement add-on
  • simple contact form
  • mailing list form

Custom sorting your dogs, cats and horses into categories

Often dog, cat and horse breeders organise their animals into different sections on their site into groups such as

  • males
  • females
  • imports
  • exports
  • retired
  • studs
  • current show team
  • grand champions

As Breedpost is a database driven system, it makes it easy for us to reuse and organise the same content or pages in different places on your dog breeder website.

It also makes it easy for us to create custom listing pages and new menu items.

So how you can create a category and add your animals to that category.

Animals can be added to multiple categories and your visitors can determine what interests them the most.

This is especially useful for breeders with many dogs, cats or horses.

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Publishing progeny on individual dog, cat and horse pages

You can now choose to display an animal’s progeny on their individual page.

Because Breedpost is a database driven system, the pedigree generator automatically knows the relationship between animals in a breed.

Therefore all you need to do is select a checkbox to display sons, daughters or both on a dog, cat or horse page.

This may interest your visitors as they can easily view progeny that this particular animal has produced.

They can then click on their link and view that animal’s individual page. An individual page normally includes an image gallery, pedigree, general information and their progeny if applicable.

Your goal is to keep visitors interested and engaged in your website.

The easier and quicker you make it for your visitors to find what interests them, the higher the likelihood they will stay on your website.

New settings to customize your pedigrees

A few months ago we received a request to add thumbnail images to pedigrees.

This was implemented and we’ve since received a request to have the images not to automatically display on pedigrees.

So in response to both requests we’ve added a checkbox to turn on pedigree images at the breed level.

So when you set up a breed, all you need to do is decide whether you want to show pedigree images or not.

Similarly you can retrospectively turn off or turn on images in your pedigrees.

Whether you display images in pedigrees is a personal choice.

You can click on the thumbnail image and it will open in a lightbox for larger viewing.

We also received a request to not show coat type and color in pedigrees.

Again at the breed level you can decide whether to display coat color and type.

The default behaviour is that coat type will automatically show on pedigrees and you can also retrospectively turn it on or off.

An example Breedpost profile page, including pedigree, gallery and information.

Customer requests and feedback is important to us

We love hearing customer feedback and suggestions as it helps us to improve Breedpost for breeders.

We want to make it easy for breeders to manage their websites and update their content.

Contact us anytime with your questions, feedback and suggestions.

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.