New features: add-ons, forms and more for your dog breeder website

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18 October 2019

New features: add-ons, forms and more for your dog breeder website

We are excited to announce some new features to make your dog breeder websites even better.

Last month we launched some great new features and we’re going to continue creating new additions to our website builder so you can create better websites.

We have added two major sections to the Breedpost website builder, Add-ons and Forms.

We have also made it easier to add your dog breeder logo and promotional logos to your chosen Breedpost design.

New add-ons section to help promote your dogs and dog breeder websites

The new Add-on section will offer some fantastic additions to your website pages.

We are currently creating Add-ons such as FAQs and Call-Outs.

We have now launched Add-ons with a testimonial module.

Testimonials will make it easy for you to publish reviews from your customers and display them with

  • their name
  • their testimonial
  • an image

You can either create customer testimonials from the Add-ons section in your admin area or from the actual web pages.

For example, you could create six testimonials and display three on your homepage and the other three on an about page.

The formatting and design of the testimonials has all been done for you.

All you need to do is add their name, text and an image.

You can publish the same testimonial on multiple pages but you only need to create that testimonial once.

An example of displaying breeder testimonials on a Breedpost website homepage

New forms section so you can capture your visitors details

The new forms section will consist of the following forms.

  • mailing list subscription form
  • contact form
  • custom forms

We have now added the mailing list subscription form to your homepage.

The subscription form is has already been developed and all you need to do is add your content.

Your website visitors can subscribe to your mailing list by entering their name and email address.

You will immediately receive an automated email with their details.

We have applied spam prevention to the form to protect your dog breeder website.

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An easy way to publish your dog breeder logo and your promotional and membership logos

You can now publish your membership and promotional logos on your website’s footer.

All you need to do is upload the logos and they will be resized automatically to appropriately fit into your chosen dog breeder website template.

Your can now also upload your dog breeder logo and it will display in your footer and homepage banner.

Some dog breeder website templates will also display your logo in the main navigation on all pages.

We are committed to improving our dog breeder website builder with more features currently in the works

We are continually working on new features to make your dog breeder websites better!

We are currently developing a new frequently asked questions add-on.

You will be able to create unlimited FAQs and then select those that you would like to publish on a particular page.

You will be able to choose whether you’d like to publish the FAQs using either an accordion or an open type display.

Another add-on currently in the works are callouts.

Callouts will consist of an image, title, text and a button so that you can advertise something significant that will stand out on your pages.

A contact form is also in development and almost completed.

This will be a simple form that is already built that you will be able to add your own custom fields to.

Then we will be implementing custom forms for online puppy applications and more.

There is also a brand new dog breeder website template in the works.

We will continue to improve Breedpost to help you make the great dog breeder websites.

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.