New features: contact form, testimonials and frequently asked questions

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4 December 2019

New features: contact form, testimonials and frequently asked questions

We are excited to announce some more new features for your dog breeder websites.

Last month we launched 

  • sectional blog posts
  • Youtube and Facebook video embedding
  • dog images in pedigrees
  • award and health certificates on dog pages

Earlier this month we introduced

  • testimonials and reviews
  • mailing list form
  • logos and promotional logos

We’ve now developed and put in place for you to use

  • contact forms
  • frequently asked questions
  • announcements

We are continually working to improve our website builder to make your dog breeder websites even better!

Introducing easy to set-up contact forms

It is now quick and easy to activate your contact form on your website’s contact page.

Why use a contact form on your dog breeder website?

  • looks professional
  • keep your email address secure
  • visitors are more likely to contact you

In order to activate your contact form all you need to do is

  • add your email address
  • add your successful form submission message
  • activate it on your contact page

The contact form looks great on all of our dog breeder website templates and on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

We’ve secured your contact form from spam using Google’s reCaptcha tool.

Google reCaptcha reduces spam by identifying bots and therefore protecting your website.

The contact form and its settings is located in the Forms section in Breedpost’s admin panel.

Easy to set-up frequently asked questions to add to your website pages

Last month we introduced a new add-ons section which will be used for publishing different sections on different web pages.

We then introduced testimonials and reviews.

Now we have added the capability to add frequently asked questions on different pages.

For example, you could publish some FAQs on your homepage and setup a dedicated FAQ page in your about section.

Why should you have a dedicated FAQ web page or FAQ sections on your pages?

  • address commonly asked questions
  • establishes you as an expert and therefore improving your online engagement
  • improve your search engine optimisation

You first create your FAQs in your administration area.

You can then decide which FAQs to add to which page.

For example, you may wish to publish some general FAQs on your homepage and publish some more specific FAQs about your breeding practices on your litter page.

And you may like to set up a dedicated FAQ page and publish all of them.

You have the option to publish accordion type FAQs where each one expands or contracts or you may prefer them all open for quicker viewing.

Because the FAQs are all stored in one place it makes it easier to update and manage them.

When you update an FAQ the changes will reflect on all pages that that particular FAQ is published.

A breeder website FAQ section on the homepage screenshot

Announcements will make it easy to promote exciting news on your dog breeder websites

Announcements are a quick and easy way to promote something exciting on your dog breeder website.

Each announcement consists of 

  • title and text
  • image
  • a button link

Announcements can be published on multiple pages but are most effective on your homepage.

For example, you may have a new litter and promoting that front and center on your homepage will ensure visitors will see it.

The announcement link button will also direct them to your dedicated page about that litter.

Or you may like to brag about a big show win and link to that dog’s individual web page.

This makes it easy for visitors to navigate around your website and for you to promote important information that may otherwise be missed.

The design of each announcement depends on your chosen template.

Some templates use your image as a background and overlay the announcement on top.

Other designs use the image in the actual announcement next to the heading, text and link button.

A screenshot of our new Henry design and an announcement on the homepage

We will be adding more features in the future

We will continue to add more features to make Breedpost easy to use and improve dog breeder websites.

We believe updating and managing a website should be quick and easy.

If updating your website is too difficult then it won’t get updated.

Dog breeder websites should be updated regularly as visitors will be more likely to engage with you and your site.

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.