Jewel- a new template to use with Breedpost, the website builder for dog, cat, goat and horse breeders

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13 May 2021

Jewel- a new template to use with Breedpost, the website builder for dog, cat, goat and horse breeders

We are excited to announce a new website template for dog, cat, horse and goat breeders.

Jewel is a really large, bold design with big fonts and a framed banner.

There are five darker designs, some bright and five subtle pastel color palettes, great for all tastes.

It looks great on all screen sizes, perfect for mobile browsing. Live demos are available.

A screenshot of a Breedpost website template for breeders - Jewel 07 - showing both desktop and mobile versions

The homepage moves away from a traditional grid design

We’ve removed the traditional grid-like structure on the homepage by positioning some elements to the right and left of the screen.

This breaks up the page and adds more interest and creativity to the design.

This doesn’t affect the mobile layout as the elements collapse seamlessly on the smaller screen.

The blog listing section uses a slider instead of the traditional grid to save space on small devices.

The last six articles are published and the slider automatically scrolls through the articles after three seconds.

Big and bold animal profile pages

The animal profile pages are big and bold and use a framed border around the hero image.

The gallery utilizes an image slider and displays the first four images.

You can either scroll through the remaining images or open them in a lightbox and view them from there.

As always, the pedigree is responsive and if needed on mobile devices a horizontal scrollbar provides the user with easy viewing.

A screenshot of a dog profile page using Jewel 05 Breedpost template for breeders

A beautiful blog layout so you can promote your animals

The blog listing pages use the traditional website grid, making it easy for visitors to find articles that interest them.

Article pages are large and spacious, making them easy to read.

Latest articles are available at the end of the page and also use a slider to conserve space, especially on mobile devices.

A screenshot of Jewel 04 Breedpost template for breeders, blog post.

The Jewel variations use some beautiful typography for headings and large type for body text.

You can view live demos of all of the Jewel variations on our template page.

We are now creating another new design to provide our clients with modern designs so their websites don’t become outdated and stale.

You can request a free website build or transfer to evaluate Breedpost without any obligation to subscribe and choose any of our templates for your site!

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.