How Breedpost optimises images for your dog breeder website

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24 July 2018

How Breedpost optimises images for your dog breeder website

It is important that your dog photos look fantastic on your website.

Why? Because people are very visual and they will form a first impression within seconds.

Internet speeds have improved, screen resolutions have increased, and smartphones now provide everyone with a high quality camera.

So it’s possible for anyone to take good quality, high resolution dog photos. And it’s also possible to view and access high quality photos from the internet with the technologies available.

When we built Breedpost we wanted to make sure that the dog and website photos

  • look great and consistent (for your visitors)
  • download fast (for search engines and for your visitors)
  • are search engine friendly

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How does Breedpost make it easy for you to upload images?

As dog breeder websites should be very visual it was important for us to make publishing images

  • quick and easy
  • web optimise automatically
  • easy to format and edit

To publish images it is best to start with the highest quality images that you have. These would be photos directly from your phone or camera or those supplied by a professional photographer.

All you need to do is upload an image or multiple images in your page edit screen.

Breedpost then automatically reduces the physical size (in pixels) and reduces the file size (in megabytes or kilobytes).

For example, you may have uploaded a 20MB, 5000 pixel wide high quality image. This image will be formatted during the upload process to 2000 pixels wide at 90% quality. These images are normally under 1MB in file size.

This is the main image that is stored on our web servers. So they’re small, say in the above example, 5% of the original image size.

This means that we can provide you with heaps of web space so you can publish unlimited images.

And we want you to publish lots of images! The more images on your website the better. Nobody gets tired of looking a dog and puppy images. Nobody!

Now the system has a base image to work with, that is not too large, not too small, and of high quality. And you didn’t have to do any image optimisation or editing at all.

But this image is still too large to publish on a website. It needs further optimisation and that optimisation will depend on whether it’s a thumbnail, banner, gallery image or in page image and what design you’ve selected.

How are images optimised for different types of pages?

Previously we discussed how your 20MB will be reduced in file size to under 1MB (around 5% of the original file download size) when uploaded into Breedpost.

This image size is still too big to publish on a website.

Let’s take a big banner image as an example. When that’s displayed on your website the file size will be reduced by the system automatically to about 200kb.

Similarly, a blog article thumbnail will reduce to around 60kb and typically around 800 pixels wide depending on the design.

This means that your web pages will download fast without sacrificing image quality.

And each image, depending on where it is displayed, is optimised to suit its context.

This is great for your visitors, because if a website takes too long to load, they will leave.

It also helps with your search engine optimisation because Google likes fast web pages.

And it’s great for you because you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Using photos to enhance your web design

We provide modern, responsive dog breeder website designs and we are making more all the time.

These are great, but they can be significantly enhanced with beautiful photos, especially of your dogs.

Publishing beautiful banners and photo albums will improve your website aesthetic and definitely increase the time visitors will spend on your website.

And we’ve made sure that all you need to do is upload your photos and the system will take care of the rest.

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.