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How to publish dog show results on your website and why you should

The Breedpost dog show results system is built into the website builder.

The system makes it quick and easy to publish show results on each of your dogs individual web pages.

The show results system also keeps track of your dogs’ results and judges in the Breedpost administration area.

You can view results from previous years and view results that judges have given your dogs previously.

Why should you publish your show results?

Publishing show results on your website using our dog breeder website builder will improve your online engagement and audience retention by

  • enhancing your credibility as a breeder
  • demonstrating that your website is constantly updated and cared for
  • enabling you to link to individual show results from blog posts which helps improve a visitor’s experience and your website’s search engine optimisation
Show results listing on dog page using the Breedpost website builder for dog breeders

Viewing show results on your website

When you publish a show result, it is listed on the dog’s individual web page.

The highest award is listed with the name and date of the show.

Each show result has its own page where you can upload photos from the show and also publish critiques.

Visitors can click on a listing and view further details about the show on that particular web page. These include

  • results including the judge
  • photo gallery
  • a critique

When a critique is added to a show, the full critique is also published on the dogs page with a link to the individual result.

Dog show results individual web page by the Breedpost website builder for dog breeders and show dogs

Keeping track of judges

When you create a dog show, you can also add judges to that show.

When you add a award, you can apply a judge to that award. This is published on the show results web page.

You only need to create a judge once and he/she is always available from then on to select and apply to a dog show.

So, now we have a database of judges in the system.

So, in your administration area you are able to look up a judge and see what awards they have previously given your dogs.

How to publish show results on your dog pages

To start publishing results you need to first create a dog club.

This means that you only need to create that club once.

Subsequent shows are then added to that club. So, you can check back, say, two years ago and see how well your dogs performed at that particular show.

Once you’ve created a show, all you need to do is add results to that show.

If you take six dogs to the same show, you then add those dogs and their results to that particular show.

This means that you only need to enter the show details ONCE, saving you heaps of time.

This video demonstrates how to create a club, a show and a result using our show results system.

The Breedpost built in show results system will enable you to

  • publish show results that are accurate and easy to read
  • publish show results quickly and easily
  • keep track of your show results by judge and by dog

Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.


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