How to create dog pages on your website that visitors will love

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23 January 2019

How to create dog pages on your website that visitors will love

When you build a website, you want people to visit.

When you get people to visit, you want them to stay for a while.

When you’re building a dog breeder website, your dog pages should be impressive.

Great dog pages will keep your visitors engaged and keep them on your website longer.

The longer visitors stay on your website, the more likely they are to convert.

What do you want them to convert to?

Maybe you want them to contact you about your dogs.

Maybe you want them to read your blog posts to become more informed about your breeds.

Whatever it is, you’ve built a website for visitors to come to and hang around for a while.

An overview of a dog web page layout

Dog pages are made up of sections.

Each section contains information.

You add and publish the information.

You don’t need to worry how the information and sections are displayed.

Your chosen dog breeder website template will take care of that.

So now that you don’t have to worry about website formatting, colours and fonts.

This means you can concentrate on creating interesting information that your visitors will want to view and read.

The following sections make up a dog page.

  • Information
  • Photo gallery
  • Pedigree
  • Dog show critiques
  • Show results
A Breedpost dog page delineating sections for easy viewing

Make sure your dogs’ information is perfect!

When I visit a websites dog page, what is it that I want to view?

Photos of course. They’re probably the most important. But we’ll deal with them next.

I want to read as much information about the dog as possible.

But the information needs to be easy to read and that means easy to read on phones, tablets and desktop computers.

That’s why the information section is designed with its own subsections so visitors can scan and find what they need quickly.

Too often important and relevant information is embedded in sentences.

For example

Bob’s sire is Breedpost Top Gun and his dam is Breedpost Annie Oakley. Bob was bred by Breedpost kennels and was born in February 2014.

People scan web pages. Honestly, they really don’t read them all that well.

There’s four pieces of data in the above paragraph that’s much better displayed in a description list or something similar.

That’s why the dog page information section is split up into subsections. These are

  • pedigree name, including titles
  • call name
  • hero image
  • informational and descriptive text
  • metadata including
    • gender
    • date of birth
    • sire
    • dam
    • owner
    • breeder
    • handler
  • links to related articles about or that reference that particular dog

Get started with Breedpost

Get us to build your website or transfer your current website!

The page edit screen makes it easy to add all of your dog’s information.

All you need to do is complete the fields.

Again, there’s no formatting or design work needed.

This makes it simple and fast to create and manage your dog pages.

Each dog page uses the same template/page type so that your dog pages are consistent across your website.

A Breedpost dog edit page in admin

Visitors want to see great images and lots of them in your dog’s photo gallery

There’s no excuse for not having lots of dog photos.

They’re on your phone, aren’t they?

We’ve made it easy to upload photos into your Breedpost web pages.

You don’t need to reduce image sizes to make them suitable for web pages.

Image optimisation is all built into the system.

So all you need to do is upload your high quality photos and everything is taken care of.

You can even do this directly from your phone.

How does the photo gallery work?

Once you’ve uploaded some photos an image gallery is automatically created.

All of our dog breeder website templates use a lightbox to display galleries.

Photos are displayed as thumbnails on all of the Breedpost website templates.

Visitors can then click on a thumbnail and view the photo in full screen in a pop up window.

The can also cycle through more photos by clicking on the next or previous arrows without leaving the screen.

Why use a lightbox to showcase your dog photos?

  • visitors can view multiple photos at full screen
  • visitors don’t have to leave that particular dog’s page to view an image gallery
  • the background is dimmed so there’s more focus on the photos

What and how many photos should you publish on each of your dog pages?

I think the more photos the better.

Your visitors can’t get enough of your dog photos.

The gallery section doesn’t use much space on the page because it consists of thumbnail images.

I recommend publishing the best photos you have of your dogs.

They could range from puppy, show, working, trialing, obedience and casual photos.

Maybe you have ten great photos or twenty or thirty.

There’s plenty of room and your website visitors will enjoy them as much as you do.

Dog breeder websites and show dog websites need to have lots of photos.

And they need to be big.

So viewing them in full screen from a lightbox is perfect.

The dog pedigree generator publishes pedigrees that look great on all devices

The built in dog pedigree generator makes it easy to publish, manage and update your dog pedigrees.

The pedigree generator remembers the child parent relationships of the dogs and automatically outputs pedigrees on your dog pages.

Once you add a sire and dam to the dog, you’ve started to build a pedigree.

Then you add a sire and dam to the dog’s sire and dam to create the grandparents.

You don’t need to use html or code to output the pedigree on the page.

That’s all been done for you.

An example Breedpost dog profile page including pedigree and gallery

A link to your published dogs is automatically created on the pedigrees.

This makes it easy for your visitors to navigate to other dogs that they’re interested in.

The pedigrees include the dogs’ titles and coat type.

We’ve made certain that the pedigrees view well on all devices, including mobile phones.

If the pedigree is too large on a phone, a horizontal scrollbar will automatically appear.

You have the choice of displaying either three or four generation pedigrees.

An easy to use system to list your dogs’ show results

The show results system makes it easy to publish your dogs’ show results.

Each time you publish a dog’s show result it will be listed on their dog page with

  • a link to that show result page
  • the dog show name and date
  • the highest award that was achieved

A dog’s show result listing is a great way to keep visitors on your site.

Visitors can view the dog’s achievements quickly from the list or click on the result for more information.

It’s an easy-to-use but comprehensive method of publishing a dog’s show career online.

Show results and critiques on a dog profile page

Dog show critiques help to improve your online credibility as a dog breeder

Dog show critiques are entered into the show results system.

When you add a critique to a result, it will appear on the dog's page.

The critique includes

  • the show’s name and date
  • the critique
  • the judge and where they’re from

Independent critiques from experts (judges) can only help to improve your credibility as a dog breeder.

So if you have good critiques, use the dog show results system and publish them.

Tagging dogs in your blog will help visitors navigate around your website

Blogging regularly will help improve your search engine optimisation and visitor engagement on your website.

The blogging platform provides an easy way to add related dogs to your articles.

You can add related dogs at the end of your blog posts using the blogging platform.

This creates a link to the dog or dogs at the end of the blog article.

The system also automatically creates a link on the related dog’s page to the blog article.

Your visitors can then easily click on that link and read more about that dog from your blog.

This helps move your visitors around your website and keeps them engaged longer.

Focus on interesting content and images and create dog pages that will engage your website visitors

Breedpost is a website builder that makes it easy for you to publish content and images.

Designing, formatting and creating content is too time consuming.

Because the dog pages are the foundation of your website, they need to be

  • information rich
  • image rich
  • consistent and easy to read

It's difficult to organise and format large websites and web pages.

We've done all of that for you so you can concentrate on creating content.

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.