How to create a FAQ page on your breeder website

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23 April 2020

How to create a FAQ page on your breeder website

Have you noticed that your website visitors ask you the same questions over and over again?

To save you time and to be a super helpful website owner it is a good idea to create some frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Breedpost has an FAQ add-on that makes it easy to

  • publish FAQs on your homepage
  • create a dedicated FAQ about page

What are the benefits of creating a dedicated FAQ page?

If you’re using the Breedpost blogging platform then no doubt you’re answering visitor questions in your posts.

But sometimes visitors might need a simpler and quicker way of getting answers to their questions.

When you can offer these answers in a straightforward and well organized manner you will 

  • demonstrate your expertise as a breeder and therefore build trust with your online audience
  • save you time answering the same questions over and over again
  • improves your visibility on Google and therefore your search engine optimization (SEO)
A screenshot of a Frequently Asked Questions page on a breeder website

Start creating your FAQs

First you’ll need to collect information about what FAQs you are going to publish.

You could go through your emails and make a list of questions that you’ve previously received.

Or you could check out your Facebook comments and collate any questions asked from there.

You could also think about what you’d like to know if you were researching a breed or puppies.

For example some questions could be

  • Are your puppies registered?
  • What health testing do you do on your animals?
  • Can I choose a particular color?

Tips for writing good FAQs

Well written content for the web uses simple language that is written for the 8th grade and short sentences.

The first thing is to make sure to write in a question and answer format.

It’s best to keep your answers short and make sure to answer the questions.

If your answers are too long they really don’t belong on an FAQ page.

For example

Are your puppies registered?
Yes. All of our puppies are AKC registered and you’ll receive a pedigree certificate.

That’s it. Quick and simple and easy to read.

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Build your FAQs in your Breedpost admin

Once you have formulated a FAQ list and hashed out some answers, login to your Breedpost admin and navigate to the Add-ons section.

A screenshot of the FAQ section where you can manage your questions and answers in the Breedpost admin area

Now you can start creating each FAQ ready to publish on your breeder website.

Don’t worry, you’re not publishing them on any pages just yet.

You decide which FAQ you publish on what page or section of your website.

All you’re doing now is building the FAQ database to use later on.

Continue to build your FAQ list and carefully scrutinise your answers.

You need to demonstrate expertise in your breed and in your breeding practices.

This will strengthen your online presence and reputation.

Your goal is to create a relationship with your online community and find potential buyers who will look after and care for your animals into the future.

A FAQ page in the Breedpost website builder for breeders

Where to put your FAQs on your website

There are quite a few places you can add a FAQ section to your website.

Since you’ve created a database of FAQs, why not create a dedicated FAQ page first.

Then you can start strategically placing some FAQs throughout different pages on your website.

Creating a dedicated FAQ page

Hopefully you’ve already created an about page on your breeder website.

If not, you should do so as it will be one of the most important and viewed pages on your site

You can also create multiple about pages in your about section and we recommend something like the following.

  • About us - a page about you personally and how and why you started with your dogs, cats or horses
  • About the breed - a page about your breed or breeds which is especially useful for potential buyers
  • Frequently Asked Questions - here’s where you can create your dedicated FAQ page

Create your FAQ page and publish it on your website

As you’ve already done the heavy lifting, that is you’ve created your FAQ content, it is now easy to create your dedicated FAQ page.

Navigate to your about section and add a page.

Add a page title, for example FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions.

A screenshot of a FAQ page in the Breedpost admin for breeder websites

Click the Add-ons tab to start adding your individual FAQs.

Select each FAQ that you want to add.

Drag and drop each FAQ to order them on your page.

Decide whether you'd like the FAQs open where you can view all the answers or in an accordion format where the visitor needs to expand the answers to see them.

Make sure to publish the page when you’ve finished.

A screenshot of a breeder homepage in the Breedpost admin

Adding FAQs in your litter section and homepage

As you’ve already created some useful FAQs to help your website visitors, why not add them to some other pages?

Breedpost automatically publishes your selected FAQs on your homepage and main litter page.

Your homepage and litter or puppy page are one of the most visited pages on your website.

So why not add some more useful information to engage and help your website visitors?

Go to your homepage and click on the Add-ons tab.

Again select the FAQs that you want to publish and drag and drop to order them.

On your homepage you could probably add general FAQs relating to you and your kennel. 

Imagine someone visiting your website for the first time and what they’d like to see at a glance.

Similarly, you can do the same to your main litter page.

You can select FAQs that are more specific to your breeding and breeding practices to publish on this page.

How to promote your FAQ page

You can promote your FAQ page from within your website or from your social media pages.

Directing fans from your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to your FAQ page to answer their questions will help promote your website and save you time.

You could also link to the page in your blog posts when it makes sense to do so.

A well crafted FAQ page will improve your online engagement and your credibility as a well respected breeder.

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