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A guide to using our free dog pedigree software

Free dog pedigree software

Our website builder includes a fully functional dog pedigree generator.

This is a database system where attaching parents to your dogs automatically generates pedigrees.

The pedigrees are then displayed on your website and are viewable in the administration area of the website builder.

We think generating  pedigrees this way is much faster, simpler and more accurate for website publishers.

We've decided that this would be a great way to offer our online dog pedigree software for free so you can

  • easily create pedigrees
  • create pedigrees of potential matings
  • print and embed pedigrees in your website

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What does the free online dog pedigree software offer?

The pedigree builder is online software, so there’s nothing to install on your computer.

You’re able to edit, view and print your pedigrees from anywhere using a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

You can

  • create multiple breeds
  • build 4 generation pedigrees
  • build potential mating pedigrees
  • add dog images
  • use the software on any device
  • add coat type, dog titles, owners, breeders, handlers and more
  • view progeny, siblings and parents
Information page for each dog in the dog pedigree software

Creating your first breed

Now that you’re inside your pedigree administration area, the first thing you need to do is create a breed.

  1. Click the Create Breed
  2. Add the breed and click the Save button
  3. Go back to the Dogs page

You can create multiple dog breeds from the Dogs link in the main menu.

But you should worry about that later and move on instead to creating your first dog.

Breedpost dog pedigree software administration screen

Make a start by building a full dog pedigree

Have a pedigree ready to start making dogs!

Your goal here should be to complete this pedigree. It won’t take long.

Select the Create Dog button from your first breed’s page.

Now you’re in the page edit screen of your first dog.

How to set up fields that are used over and over again

This is a quick overview of how to complete the fields in the page edit screen to create your first dog.

The Titles field is empty. There’s nothing to select, so you need to start by creating a title. And you can do it from here.

If your first dog is say, a champion. Then select the + New link and enter Champion into the text field in the pop up menu. Save and close the pop up.

Now you’ve created a Champion title that will be selectable all the time. You don’t need to ever create that title again.

It is the same principle for the following fields

  • Other titles
  • Coat type
  • Breeders
  • Owners
  • Handlers

Adding the sire and dam to your first dog

Continue by completing the pedigree name, other titles, gender, date of birth and coat type fields.

Now add the sire and dam.

Since this is the first dog to be created, there’ll be no other dogs to select.

So you need to create the sire and dam from here.

Click the + New link to create the sire. Complete the fields in the pop up window, save and close.

Repeat for the dam.

Complete the rest of the dog’s edit page. Save and navigate back to the Dogs page from the main menu or that particular breed from the dropdown menu.

Your first dog has now been created.

The dog page edit screen for dog pedigree software

Add parents to those parents and so on

Now go back to your breed listing page.

You’ll now have three dogs. One with parents and two without.

Click on one of the dogs without parents and add a sire and dam in their edit page.

You can also take the time complete this dog’s other details as well, such as titles, coat type and any other relevant information.

Then move on and add parents to the dam, the grandparents and the great grandparents until the pedigree is completed.

Four generation dog pedigree using the Breedpost dog pedigree generator

How to view and find your dogs

Each breed has their own listing page.

The breed list contains links to

  • edit a dog
  • view a dog’s information
  • filter dog’s by type (my dog, pedigree dog or potential mating)
  • gender
  • sire and dam
  • coat type
  • quick links to view the dog’s information or pedigree in a pop up window so you don’t have to leave the listing page

You can quickly search for a dog by entering part of their pedigree name in the search bar.

Listing page to find and view your dogs in the dog pedigree software

Viewing, printing and embedding pedigrees into your website

Each dog has their own information page.

To access a dog’s information page, click on their pedigree name from their breed listing page.

Now you can select the Pedigree link.

Click on the print icon to print your pedigree.

Click on the code icon to copy the pedigree’s html code to embed in your website.

Print or embed pedigrees in your website

How the dog pedigree software works with our website builder

The free dog pedigree software is part of our website builder.

This means that you can upgrade to our dog breeder website builder at anytime.

All of your dogs’ information, pedigrees and photos will be available to publish on your website.

Everything will be available in one system when you upgrade to our website builder. You will also have access to

What are the advantages of using software available online?

Using software that is delivered through your web browser means you can access and use it on any device with an internet connection and a browser.

You don’t have to worry updates or upgrades. They are done for you.

Online software is easy to use because the interface is much the same as a website.

So why not give our free dog pedigree software a try today.

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder