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18 December 2018

Building dog breeder websites made easy

Consistency is important in web design and this includes dog breeder websites.

It is an important factor that creates a positive experience for your website visitors.

That’s why our dog breeder website builder uses the same page templates over and over again for the same page types.

All of your blog articles will use the same fonts for headlines and text. Images will be positioned in the same place.

It’s the same for other pages such as dog, about, litter, contact and album pages. Each page type will have the same layout, look and feel.

This is consistency, making it easier for your visitors to navigate and read your website.

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How the website builder template system keeps your web pages consistent for your visitors

Our dog breeder website builder is about making it quick and easy for you to publish content.

There’s no need to worry about formatting images or text. All you need to do is select a website design, enter your text and upload images.

How does this work?

Every page on the website is controlled by a page template.

The main page templates that the website builder uses are

  • homepage
  • about
  • dog
  • article
  • litter
  • album
  • rehoming
  • contact

This means that you never have to worry about any formatting or design as this has all been done for you.

All you need to do is enter the data and upload images into an edit page in Breedpost.

A litter Breedpost admin page where you can publish a litter pedigree and multiple photo albums

But I want to design and format my own dog breeder website

No you don’t.

You’re not a web designer, user interface or user experience expert.

You’re the content creator and content strategist. That’s you. That’s your expertise.

Efficiency and quality is key for you.

Efficiency, because you’re busy and quality because it’s your and your kennel’s reputation.

How does Breedpost improve the efficiency and quality of my dog breeder website?

Breedpost separates design from content.

You enter the content and we take care of the formatting and web design.

Have you ever tried to format a web page?

Well if you have, you know you need to

This can take quite some time. It’s the tweaking and trying to make things look just right that takes up so much time.

Then you give up and don’t update or create new pages on your dog breeder website.

Your website then stagnates and visitors think you don’t care about it.

So here’s how we make it more efficient for you.

You add the headline, upload the images and enter your text.

Then all the formatting is done for you. Your web page is formatted and layed out using the web design of your choice. All done automatically.

This improves your efficiency. No more formatting or design.

All you need to worry about is curating great content.

Since your efficiency is improved, the quality of your content will improve.

And then your dog breeder website’s updating frequency should also improve.

And since you’re leaving the design of your dog breeder website up to the professionals, the quality of your website’s design will improve.

This is why you can change your design at anytime using the Breedpost website builder.

How we make it easy to publish hundreds and hundreds of web pages

Ever visited a dog breeder website and the navigation is unnavigable?

That’s right. There’s so many menu items that you don’t know where or what to click.

Why? Because dog breeders are not information architects.

We’ve created a navigation structure that makes it easy for your website visitors to find what they need quickly.

If your visitors can’t find what they want really quickly, they will leave your website.

You may have the most educated, experienced and useful information that they need.

But if they can’t find it, it’s of no use. And if they leave your website uninterested, it is highly unlikely they will return.

So now you don’t have to worry about where to add your new pages.

We’ve taken care of that. The navigation structure is

  • About
  • Breed(s)
  • Blog
  • Litters
  • Gallery
  • Rehoming
  • Contact

Easy right? And under this structure you can add hundreds, if not thousands of pages.

You can add unlimited breeds with unlimited dogs under each of the breeds. So your breeds section will look like this.

  • Breed 1
    • Dog 1
    • Dog 2
    • Dogs etc
  • Breed 2
    • Dog 1
    • Dog 2
    • Dogs etc

And your litters section could look like this.

  • Litters
    • Upcoming
      • Litter 1
      • Litter 2
    • Current
      • Litter 3
      • Litter 4
    • Past
      • Litter A
      • Litter B
      • Litters etc

You could showcase all of your litters, including photos (and lots of them), over the last few years.

And if you did that, any prospective puppy enquiry would spend hours on your website. I know I would.

This will significantly improve your dog breeder website’s engagement rate. Visitors will return to your website and may even decide to contact you.

And it’s quick and easy to publish these pages because you’re using the same page type over and over again.

So every time I create a dog page, I know that I’ll need

  • pedigree name
  • titles
  • call name, coat type, date of birth, owner, breeder and handler
  • sire and dam
  • some text information
  • photos
A Breedpost admin profile page for publishing information, images, videos and pedigrees

Or if I’m creating an about page I’ll need some well written text and great photos.

You can create hundreds of blog posts that will automatically display on the main blog page, the blog category pages and the homepage.

You don’t have to manually create links to your new blog posts anywhere! Just publish them.

A blog listing page screenshot of a Breedpost template for breeders

What happens when you’ve promoted an exciting upcoming litter?

That litter page is available from the upcoming litter section.

What about when the litter is born?

All you need to is change the status of the litter page from upcoming to current.

It will then automatically change it’s listing under the current litter section.

Updating the data on your website is quick and easy even if you have hundreds of pages

This actually happened to one of our clients.

They have many current and retired show dogs that are showcased on their website.

So this means lots of dog pages (around 40). All of those pages display the dogs’

  • owners
  • breeders
  • handlers

Now this client is an owner on most of those page and a breeder on many.

The client changed their name.

So now we have around 40 web pages to update! Or do we?

No we didn’t. All that needed to be done was change the owner and breeder’s name.

That’s because you’re not manually entering this type of data into each of your pages.

You create owner, breeders, handlers, coat types and titles yourself.

Then you select them over and over again when you create or update pages.

So all that needed to be done was to change the owner and the breeder name.

Then anywhere that owner or breeder was selected (used) on a web page ,it automatically updated.

This change would take under a minute.

This is how to make creating pages and making updates quick and easy for dog breeders.

I think maintaining websites become too time consuming for dog breeders.

It should be quick and easy.

The same method also works for the pedigrees on your dog breeder website.

Because we use a dog pedigree generator, then any update is reflected across all pedigrees.

Let’s say a dog’s title is upgraded from a Champion to a Grand Champion.

This dog may well be featured in some of the pedigrees on your website.

Now do you really want to have to update this title change anywhere that dog is featured.

No you don’t.

Because the dog pedigree generator is a database system, then this change will automatically update on ANY pedigree that dog is displayed.

Again, this is quick and easy for you. But it also keeps your website current and accurate.

I think this is especially important for your online dog pedigrees.

A pedigree in a Breedpost website that looks great on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Keeping your website current and interesting will engage your online audience

I think many dog breeders give up maintaining a website.

It’s too time consuming and too hard.

Visitors expectations have changed from 15 years ago, when many dog breeder websites started popping up everywhere.

Today, websites must look professional and be easy to use on any device.

They must also contain interesting and informative content. People expect that now.

It’s easy to create a free great looking website using the site builders available now.

It is difficult to maintain them though.

Dog breeders do have specific customisations requirements that can make maintenance difficult. These include

We have developed a website builder specifically for dog breeders and show dogs.

We want you to promote your purebred dogs and your kennel.

So we’ve made sure your dog breeder website will be

  • consistent
  • easy to update
  • quick to update

And we’ve done this by

  • using the same page types over and over again
  • using data that is used over and over again
  • separating design from content

You need to engage your online audience by creating informative and expert content.

You should publish new content consistently and frequently.

That’s all you should have to worry about.

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Author: Janelle

Janelle is a Breedpost Founder, ex show dog exhibitor, Corgi owner and loves to build websites. She's a content management specialist, has a Master of Information Technology and Diploma in Web Development.