Kabova Pugs and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers - breeders of successful show dogs - a case study

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12 June 2021

Kabova Pugs and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers - breeders of successful show dogs - a case study

Kabova Pugs and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are successful breeders and show dog exhibitors in Australia.

They have been using Breedpost for over three years and are one of our oldest clients.

At the time of writing they have over 60 Pugs and seven Chesapeakes published on their website.

A screenshot of Kabova website

The Kabova website is a great example of how an historical kennel can

  • manage pedigrees and publish new pedigrees quickly and easily
  • use the blogging platform to promote show results and awards
  • maximise search engine optimization (SEO)

We’ll walk you through the most important factors that make Kabova a website that is easy to navigate, update and manage, using Breedpost.

Managing and publishing new dog profile pages and pedigrees, the easy way

Kabova's breeding program and show dog successes has been operating for many years.

Therefore many homebred dogs are featured in their younger dogs’ pedigrees, some going back many generations.

First we’ll look at creating dog profile pages and pedigrees and how easy it is once there’s established breeding lines entered in the Breedpost website builder.

Going back about three years, we built Kabova's website and that meant building dog pedigrees and lots of them.

Sounds like a daunting task. 

Not really. Once a few dogs were entered into the system, many pedigrees started to take shape automatically.

Breedpost remembers the dogs’ relationships, that is, each dogs’ parents and their parents and so forth.

Only when there was a complete outcross, did we then have to make up a new dog’s line.

The same goes for publishing new dogs now.

Kabova breeds new show prospects every year. You can view them all on their Upcoming Stars page.

A screenshot of upcoming stars page on Kabova's website built by Breedpost

It literally takes five minutes to create and publish a new dog profile, providing the parents are already in the system.

This includes publishing a complete three generation pedigree on the dog’s profile page uploading images to form a gallery and adding informational text.

A screenshot of a dog profile page on Kabova's website

If a dog featured in a pedigree is published on the website then a link to that dog’s profile page is automatically available within the pedigree.

This makes it easy for visitors to move around the website and easier to build the pedigree knowing that internal links are automatic.

Kabova also displays progeny on dog profile pages. Breedpost does this automatically as it remembers relationships within the pedigree database.

A screenshot of Kabova's website as an example of displaying progeny on dog profile pages

Blogging doesn’t have to be time consuming, if you don’t want it to be

If you don’t have time to write lengthy articles, then take a look at Kabova’s blog.

They publish short articles to promote their show wins and awards. And yes there are quite a few.

Not only does their blog look great, it helps to keep the website fresh and updated.

A first time website visitor will immediately see Kabova’s latest blog posts on their home page.

The article dates won’t be sometime back in 2014, which you certainly see on many dog breeder websites. They are always very recent.

Kabova uses the related dogs function inside each blog post.

The related dogs function allows editors to select a dog or dogs that relate to that particular blog post.

Each blog post then links automatically to the selected dogs.

This is a very easy way to internally link throughout the website, making it easy for visitors to move around and in turn help with SEO.

Kabova blog post example

Once a dog has been applied to a blog post, the link to that article will be available from their dog profile page.

This is a great way for visitors to check out what a particular dog has been up to and again contributes to the website’s internal linking.

Kabova Crowded House is a top winning pug who has a long list of articles on his profile page, as indicated by the image below.

Kabova Crowded House - top winning Pug - example of dog profile page

Maintaining and updating a website will help significantly with SEO

Kabova ranks very high in search results for queries carried out from Australia.

One of the main reasons for this is simply the volume of pages their website has.

Another main factor is that their website is constantly updated with new dogs, blog posts and litter announcements.

This significantly improves their SEO by keeping their website fresh and relevant.

New and relevant content is one of Google’s most important ranking factors.

And Breedpost provides technical SEO features which helps create an SEO optimised website.

Check out kabova.com and their dogs!

Kabova Pugs and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers have beautiful dogs.

They promote them, their pedigrees and successes on their Breedpost website very effectively because it’s quick and easy to do so.

We wish them success in their breeding program and their dog show achievements and we look forward to watching their website grow in the future.

Check them out at kabova.com

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